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When   I    called   other   competitors   in   the   area   they   said   they   could   install   the   windshield   in   my   Honda   without   the windshield clip kit your Customer Service Representative said it would require, what's up with that? In   an   effort   to   offer   you   a   lower   sale   price   so   you   will   think   your   getting   a   better   deal,   some   of   our   competitors   will omit   these   clip   kits   from   their   prices   as   well   as   moldings.      In   many   instances   the   installation   can   be   accomplished   by what   we   call   "a   hackers   method"   of   bedding   the   molding   in   an   adhesive   called   urethane,   the   same   glue   used   in   the bonded   installation   of   your   windshield.      The   end   result   of   doing   a   job   like   that   is   should   a   problem   develop   down   the line   such   as   a   minor   leak   or   a   later   windshield   replacement   your   costs   will   go   through   the   roof.      In   most   instances   it makes   the   moldings   sacrificial   which   can   cost   from   $30.00   to   over   $300.00   to   replace   "not   including   the   cost   of   the new   windshield".      On   average   a   clip   kit   costs   $12.00   to   $18.00   and   is   by   far   the   best   way   to   go,   not   only   does   it   save you   money   in   the   long   run,   it   can   save   you   a   significant   amount   of   drama   that   can   arise   from   the   improper installation   and   keep   your   vehicle   off   one   of   our   many   Poor   Workmanship    pages   of   poorly   done   and   dangerous windshield and other auto glass parts installations.
I've   obtained   several   quotes   for   a   new   windshield   for   my   car   in   the   Knoxville,   Tennessee,   area   and   found   Phoenix Glass   has   a   much   lower   price   than   the   rest   of   your   competitors.      Why   do   the   prices   vary   so   much?   Is   Phoenix   Glass selling poor quality auto glass and installation materials? That's a question we hear almost on a daily basis and an easy one to answer. At   Phoenix   Glass   we   only   sell   top   quality   OEM   and   OEE   aftermarket   windshield   and   auto   glass   products.      We   back   them   up   with   best OEM   Dow   Automotive   adhesive   system   on   the   market   today   and   we   top   them   off   with   the   best   auto   glass   technicians   available   to   install them.      The   key   to   the   above   package   is   that   our   customers   end   up   rewarding   us   by   providing   our   company   with   a   wonderful   reputation and after it's all said and done our customers, by word of mouth, become our sales and advertising staff which saves us a lot of money. Phoenix   Glass   is   not   a   franchise   auto   glass   company   that   has   to   add   extra   monies   to   your   bill   to   generate   funds   to   pay   a   franchise   fee every   month.      Depending   on   the   franchise   chain   the   company   belongs   to,   the   fees   range   from   $4,000.00   to   $8,000.00   per   month, adding   up   to   as   much   as   $96,000.00   of   your   hard   earned   customer   dollars   per   year.      Another   downside   to   dealing   with   a   franchise   or international   chain   store   type   company   is   that   they   use   their   buying   power   to   contract   with   auto   glass   windshield,   door   glass   and   back glass   supply   companies   who   offer   them   the   lowest   bids   for   products   and   supplies.      Often   times   these   supply   companies   are   off   brand manufacturers of questionable low quality auto glass as well as questionable Non OEM aftermarket low quality adhesive systems.
Honda Windshield Moulding Clips / Retainers / Fastners
When   I   called   Phoenix   Glass   for   a   quote   on   installing   a   new   windshield   and   door   glass   in   my   Honda the   Customer   Service   Representative   said   it   would   most   likely   require   a   clip   kit   for   the   windshield installation.  What is a Clip kit? and why does my vehicle’s windshield require one? A   windshield   clip   kit   is   a   package   of   parts   that   contains   anywhere   from   4   to   as   many   as   50   or   more   necessary   clips and   or   fasteners   that   maybe   required   to   install   your   new   or   used   windshield   window   moldings.      Often   times   the plastic   clips   and/or   fasteners   in   your   vehicle   are   sacrificial   and   may   not   be   reusable   due   to   age   or   because   there   just isn't a method available for removing them without destroying them.
Windshield or Back Glass Clip Kit
In   shopping   for   a   new   windshield   I   found   a   company   on   the   internet   that   gave   me   an   on   line   quote   for   my replacement   windshield   so   I   placed   an   order.      When   the   company   called   me   back   and   reviewed   my   order   I   was given a much higher price.  What’s up with that? We’ve   seen   this   happen   to   a   lot   of   our   customers   and   we’re   not   going   to   call   it   a   gimmick,   it’s   more   of   a   fishing   tool   to   place   you   on   the hook.      We   feel   that   it   would   be   very   difficult   to   price   someone’s   windshield,   door,   back   glass   or   other   auto   glass   part   through   a   generic form   considering   all   the   various   options   that   come   on   vehicles   today.      Looking   real   hard,   if   you   scroll   through   all   the   data,   most   sites have a disclaimer somewhere usually located near the bottom.  Here is an example from one site: *Disclaimer This   quote   is   based   on   the   information   you   provided   and   assumes   a   standard   installation   using   the   most   common   glass   option   for   your vehicle.   The   auto   glass   technician   will   review   the   final   cost   with   you   after   inspecting   your   vehicle   and   will   obtain   your   approval   before performing   the   work.   Some   factors   that   could   affect   the   final   cost   include   optional   glass   features   that   were   not   identified   at   the   time   of   the quote   (for   example,   heating   elements   or   rain   sensor   technology)   and   additional   charges   if   moldings   need   to   be   replaced.   This   quote   is   only valid   if   work   is   scheduled   through   the   website   and   an   appointment   dispatch   number   is   generated.   This   quote   is   valid   for   30   days   and   is subject to part availability. This quote is void where prohibited by law and is not valid with any other offers. They   are   going   to   quote   the   lowest   price   and   if   you   are   lucky   it   will   be   that   and   if   you   are   even   luckier   they   will   install   it   properly however   odds   are   that   won’t   be   the   case.         Most   of   these   type   of   internet   businesses   aren’t   actually   an   auto   glass   company   at   all,   they are   more   or   less   auto   glass   brokers   that   sub   contract   the   orders   they   obtain   to   the   lowest   bidder   in   the   area   that   they   can   find.      Phoenix Glass   has   been   approached   by   several   of   these   types   of   companies   through   the   years   and   at   the   prices   they   request   us   to   do   the   work   at we couldn’t offer reasonable products or services.
Are the price quotes given from Phoenix Glass guaranteed final prices? 9 9%   of   the   time   they   sure   are.      There   are   many   options   on   vehicles   these   days.      It's   difficult   to   tell   but   some   windshields   are   heated   and have   a   variety   of   options   in   or   on   them   from   rain   sensors   to   heads   up   displays.      For   example   windshields   are   available   in   a   variety   of different   color   schemes   such   as   a   windshield   with   a   green   tinted   lower   and   a   blue   shade   band   across   the   top   or   blue   tinted   lower   with   a green   shade   band   across   the   top.      Then   there   are   custom   logos   on   the   glass   such   as   Fords   Mustang   logo   or   a   F250   logo   embedded   into the top of the windshield.  The options available to you will depend on the type of vehicle you have. Side   windows   like   door   or   quarter   glass   are   getting   to   be   as   complicated   as   windshields   in   that   some   have   logos   and   antennas   built   into them as well as different tint options and possibly the option of being made from laminated or tempered glass. Rear   back   glass   windows   these   days   also   have   many   options   such   as   logos,   tint   colors,   defrosters,   antennas,   third   brake   lights,   rear wipers, laminated, tempered and even in some cases air spoilers. All   that   being   said   sometimes   it's   difficult   for   us   (especially   over   the   phone)   to   obtain   the   correct   price   for   your   specific vehicle.      The   Customer   Service   Representatives   at   Phoenix   Glass   have   the   very   best,   most   up   to   date   software   and   data   on   hand   and use   it   as   well   as   their   many   hands   on   years   of   experience   to   do   their   best   to   walk   you   through   the   process   of   correctly   identifying   your auto glass options.
Phoenix   Glass   doesn't   participate   with   any   Auto   Glass   Networks   or   Third   Party   Administrator   companies   that   require   a   monthly   payment in   order   to   obtain   business   from   them.      That   saves   us   at   or   around   $800.00   per   month,   per   company,   which   adds   up   to   $9,600.00   per year.
The reality of it all is that someone has to pay for big business and in most cases it's you the consumer. With Phoenix Glass, You get what you pay for and more! With them, you pay for a lot you don't get.
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Some of the windshield prices I’ve seen from a few of these Web based companies are hard to resist,  If I  do choose to take a chance and use one of them how can I tell if the installation was done correctly? You   don't!      Without   removing   the   windshield,   it's   impossible   to   tell   if   the   windshield   was   prepped   correctly,   if   critical   primers   and   proper flash   times   were   used,   or   even   if   the   proper   amount   and   type   of   urethane   was   used.      Once   a   windshield   is   installed   all   the   critical installation   preparation   steps   are   hidden   under   the   moldings   and   black   ceramic   band.      If   it   looks   like   a   clean   windshield,   back   glass   or other   type   of   auto   glass   installation   and   the   moldings   are   lying   correctly   you   can   only   guess   it   was   done   right   and   in   reality   those   things are   only   cosmetic,   it's   what   is   underneath   and   when   and   how   it   was   done   during   the   replacement   installation   process   that   counts.      The only sure way to tell if a windshield or other type of auto glass is properly installed is to crash test it, but we sure don't recommend it.
The   next   best   way   to   know   is   to   know   the   reputation   of   the   company   that   installed   it.      Make   sure   the   company   has   an   actual address   complete   with   an   actual   store   front   as   there   are   many   gypsy   type   auto   glass companies   operating   in   and   around   Knoxville   as   well   as   it’s   surrounding   areas.      No   store front   usually   goes   hand   in   hand   with   a   pick   up   truck   and   a   cell   phone.      You   can   easily accomplish   this   using   Google   Maps   Street   View .      Google   allows   you   to   see   if   the company   your   considering   using   for   the   installation   of   your   new   replacement   windshield turns   out   to   be   a   home,   an   apartment   complex   or   even   an   empty   lot.      With   the   power   of the   internet   anyone   can   make   a   attractive   website   to   lure   you   in.      They   typically   have   no liability   insurance   and   when   something   goes   wrong   you   are   on   your   own   since   they   are very   difficult   to   track   down   and   with   the   power   of   Caller   ID   they   stop   answering   your repeated   phone   calls.   Due   to   poor   workmanship    during   the   average   month   here   at   Phoenix Glass   we   re-do   auto   glass   in   about   6   vehicles   per   month   from   this   type   of   so   called   auto   glass   company.   By   the   time   you   add   up   the expenses   of   a   new   glass,   mouldings   and   repairing   the   body   damage   that   was   done   to   the   pinchweld   the   price   for   repairing   a   vehicle   in this   type   of   situation   is   usually   3   to   4   times   what   it   would   have   cost   if   it   were   done   right   in   the   first   place.      Unfortunately   most   of   these installers   are   or   were   employed   and   trained   by   some   of   the   major   chain   outfits   where   they   learned   these   corner   cutting   traits   to   make more   money   and   actually   have   convinced   their   selves   to   believe   that   they   are   doing   the   work   properly.      Typically   these   employees   are paid   by   salary   plus   commission.      In   slow   times   the   employee   gets   the   minimum   pay   to   save   the   company   money   but   when   times   are busy   as   an   added   incentive   the   employee   is   given   a   commission   based   on   production.     The   more   jobs   completed   the   more   pay   received   and   the   only   way   that   can   happen   is by   speeding   up   the   installation   process   which   is   where   something   has   to   suffer   in   order to   make   that   happen   and   it’s   usually   you   and   your   vehicle.   In   the   event   these   short cuts   lead   to   a   problem   at   the   very   least   your   going   to   loose   some   valuable   time   having your   vehicle   redone   and   at   the   very   worst   it   can   lead   to   serious   injury   or   the   loss   of your   life   or   that   of   someone   you   love   so   be   very   careful   when   choosing   who   you   let install your windshield or other glass in your vehicle.
Make sure the company has an actual address complete with an actual store front Poor workmanship caused the rust on this cars windshield pinchweld Make sure the company has an actual address complete with an actual store front Poor workmanship on this newly painted Ford truck windshield.  It was installed with no primers and a poor excuse for a urethane bead, it has several leaks!
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