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My Ford pickup rear back glass window is leaking, Can Phoenix Glass solve the problem? Yes   we   can!      Certain   model   year   Ford   mid   and   full   size   pickup   trucks,   weather   it’s   a   stationary   rear   back   glass   window   or   a rear   sliding   back   glass   window,   have   at   least   5   issues   to   take   into   account   that   require   meticulous   (anti-assume) diagnostic   checks   or   you   may   end   up   spending   your   hard   earned   money   fixing   the   the   wrong   problem.      We’ve been   asked   this   question   so   often   that   we’ve   taken   the   time   to   devote   an   entire   web   page   on   the   subject   of Ford pickup  rear window back glass leaks.
My Mercedes has a heated, laminated rear back glass window with a stone break similar to what I have seen in windshields, can it be repaired like a windshield can? Due   to   the   method   of   manufacturing   laminated   heated   back   glasses   cannot   be   repaired.      Repairing   this   type   of   glass   can   result   in serious   personal   injury.      When   the   heating   element   is   activated   the   repair   can   create   a   hot   spot   (or   short)   within   the   glass   causing   the glass to explode in that spot sending projected glass shards into the passenger compartment.
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How do I know your installers are qualified? Your   Phoenix   Glass   Auto   Glass   Technicians   keep   up   with   the   times   and   have   a   high   degree   of   understanding   of   the   ins   and   outs   of   rear back   glass   window   replacements.      They   are   familiar   with   the   proper   tools,   methods   of   removal,   preparation   of   the   pinchweld   and possess   the   knowledge   of   the   many   different   adhesives   available   that   will   provide   the   strength   to   hold   the   back   glass   in   your   vehicle.     Along   with   all   that   they   also   understand   and   use   the   proper   methods   that   prevent   leakage   and   rust   around   the   pinchweld   where   the auto glass bonds to the vehicle. Phoenix   Glass   technicians   have   as   much   as   42   and   none   less   than   15   years   of   auto   glass   experience   and   have   literally   installed thousands   of   rear   window   back   glass   windshields.      You   can   rest   assured   that   your   new   replacement   back   glass   will   be   properly   installed to meet both FMVSS and AGRSS standards so that your vehicle will be restored to the factory specifications or better.
How soon can I wash my car after my rear back glass window is replaced? You   can   h and   wash   your   vehicle   as   long   as   you   keep   high   pressure   sprays   of   water   well   away   from   the   new   back glass   and   moldings.      Water   or   rain   on   the   new   replacement   back   glass   installation   isn't   a   problem   at   all,   in   fact the moisture actually helps the curing process of the urethane adhesive sealant. You   should   wait   a   minimum   of   24   hours   before   washing   your   vehicle   in   a   high   pressure   type   of   car   or   truck wash.      A   high   pressure   automatic   car   wash   can   damage   the   urethane   adhesive   seal   of   the   new   replacement   back glass   and   outer   mouldings   before   the   urethane   adhesive   used   in   the   new   windshield   installation   has   had   a chance to sufficiently cure. It's   also   important   to   leave   at   least   one   of   the   windows   open   at   least   2   inches   to   reduce   the   pressurization   in   the vehicle   when   the   doors   are   shut   and   when   the   heat   or   air   conditioning   is   operated   for   24   hours.      Having   a   window   slightly   open   prevents the   pressure   build   up   from   ambient   heat   on   a   hot   day   and   the   pressure   the   heater   or   air   conditioner   builds   up   inside   the   vehicle’s   cabin from pushing a hole through the new uncured urethane seal which can cause an air or water leak.
How soon can I drive my car after my rear back glass windshield window is replaced? That   will   depend   on   the   type   of   adhesive   used   to   install   the   rear   back   glass   in   your   vehicle.      Rear   window   installations   that   use   urethane rely   on   temperature   and   humidity   to   cure,   the   time   required   varies   widely   depending   on   the   manufacturer.      This   time   frame   can   range from   1   to   24   hours   or   more   before   your   vehicle   will   meet   Federal   Motor   Vehicle   Safety    Standards    and   is   considered   safe   to   drive.      It's imperative   that   you   follow   the   manufacturers   instructions   regarding   safe   drive   away   times.      Not   adhering   to   those   instructions   could result   in   your   serious   injury   or   even   death.      It   is   extremely   important   that   the   technician   or   company   CSR   replacing   your   back   glass explain to you when you are able to SAFELY drive your car, truck or SUV.
After I have my rear back glass window replaced, how do I know it was done right? You   don't!      Without   removing   the   rear   window   replacement   back   glass,   it's   impossible   to   tell   if   the   back   glass   and   pinchweld   surface were   prepped   correctly,   if   critical   primers   and   proper   flash   times   were   used,   or   even   if   the   proper   amount   and   type   of   urethane   was used.   Once   a   replacement   rear   window   back   glass   is   installed   all   the   critical   installation   preparation   steps   are   hidden   under   the   moldings and   black   ceramic   band.      If   it   looks   like   a   clean   back   glass   installation   and   the   moldings   are   lying   correctly   you   can   only   guess   it   was done   right   and   in   reality   those   things   are   only   cosmetic,   it's   what   is   underneath   and   when   and   how   it   was   done   during   the   replacement installation   process   that   counts.      The   only   sure   way   to   tell   if   a   rear   window   back   glass   was   properly   installed   is   to   crash   test   it,   but   we sure don't recommend it.
The   next   best   way   to   know   is   to   know   the   reputation   of   the   company   that installed   it.      Make   sure   the   company   has   an   actual   address   complete   with   an   actual store   front   as   there   are   many   gypsy   type   auto   glass   companies   operating   in   and   around Knoxville   as   well   as   it’s   surrounding   areas.      No   store   front   usually   goes   hand   in   hand with   a   pick   up   truck   and   a   cell   phone.      You   can   easily   accomplish   this   using   Google   Maps Street   View .      Google   allows   you   to   see   if   the   company   your   considering   using   for   the installation   of   your   new   replacement   windshield   turns   out   to   be   a   home,   an   apartment complex   or   even   an   empty   lot.      With   the   power   of   the   internet   anyone   can   make   a attractive   website   to   lure   you   in.      They   typically   have   no   liability   insurance   and   when something   goes   wrong   you   are   on   your   own   since   they   are   very   difficult   to   track   down   and with   the   power   of   Caller   ID   they   stop   answering   your   repeated   phone   calls.   Due   to   poor   workmanship    during   the   average   month   here   at Phoenix   Glass   we   re-do   auto   glass   in   about   6   vehicles   per   month   from   this   type   of   so   called   auto   glass   company.   By   the   time   you   add   up the   expenses   of   a   new   glass,   mouldings   and   repairing   the   body   damage   that   was   done   to   the   pinchweld   the   price   for   repairing   a   vehicle in   this   type   of   situation   is   usually   3   to   4   times   what   it   would   have   cost   if   it   were   done   right   in   the   first   place.      Unfortunately   most   of these   installers   are   or   were   employed   and   trained   by   some   of   the   major   chain   outfits   where   they   learned   these   corner   cutting   traits   to make   more   money   and   actually   have   convinced   their   selves   to   believe   that   they   are   doing   the   work   properly.      Typically   these   employees are   paid   by   salary   plus   commission.      In   slow   times   the   employee   gets   the   minimum   pay   to   save   the   company   money   but   when   times   are busy   as   an   added   incentive   the   employee   is   given   a   commission   based   on   production.     The   more   jobs   completed   the   more   pay   received   and   the   only   way   that   can   happen   is   by speeding   up   the   installation   process   which   is   where   something   has   to   suffer   in   order   to make   that   happen   and   it’s   usually   you   and   your   vehicle.   In   the   event   these   short   cuts lead   to   a   problem   at   the   very   least   your   going   to   loose   some   valuable   time   having   your vehicle   redone   and   at   the   very   worst   it   can   lead   to   serious   injury   or   the   loss   of   your   life or   that   of   someone   you   love   so   be   very   careful   when   choosing   who   you   let   install   a   rear back glass window in your vehicle.
If   your   rear   back   glass   window   has   a   cable   type   power   window regulator   the   only   sure   way   to   remove   all   the   broken   tempered glass   fragments   is   with   compressed   air.   These   rear   back   glass power   window   regulators   are   very   similar   to   the   door   glass unit   pictured   to   your   left   and   have   several   places   that   the   tiny pieces   of   broken   tempered   glass   can   fall   into   as   well   as   grease points   that   lubricate   the   moving   parts.      When   the   glass   is broken   the   falling   broken   tempered   glass   fragments   will   adhere to   these   grease   points   like   a   magnet   and   it   only   takes   one   tiny piece   of   glass   to   get   caught   and   jam   up   the   mechanism   causing   the   rear   back   glass window   regulator   to   break.      We   have   seen   some   of   these   cable   back   glass   regulator   units   as   much   as   $600   dollars   to   replace   so   taking   an   unnecessary   chance   with   these   fragile   cable   type window regulators just isn’t a good way to go.
Some   hatch   type   back   glass   installations   such   as   the   GM   vehicle   pictured   here   have   an   open   inner support   skeleton   that   fills   with   broken   tempered   glass   fragments   and   absolutely   cannot   be   removed without   the   use   of   compressed   air.      If   one   small   piece   is   left   behind   it   can   cause   a   minor   rattle   and   worse yet   there’s   a   possibility   that   it   could   work   its   way   between   the   glass   and   the   frame   and   cause   the   glass to stress break in the future.
Some   rear   back   glass   window   replacements   like   this   Ford   Sport   Trac   do   not   have   large   enough   access holes   to   the   interior   area   of   the   rear   cab   panel   that   will   allow   a   vacuum   hose   to   pass   through   the   entire range   of   the   back   glass   cavity.      In   many   cases   the   only   access   is   through   one   small   removable   access panel   opening   and   the   only   method   of   removing   all   the   broken   tempered   glass   is   with   the   use   of compressed air.
When   a   van   or   lift   gate   type   SUV   rear   window   back   glass   breaks   the   tempered   glass   fragments   fall   inside the   lift   gate   door   and   are   captured   within   small   pockets   and   can   not   be   accessed   directly   by   the   vacuum and absolutely cannot be removed without the use of compressed air.
How long will it take to replace my rear back glass window/rear windshield? The   time   it   takes   would   depend   on   the   make   and   model   of   your   vehicle.      The   average   car   or   truck   replacement   rear   back   glass   window windshield installation typically takes from 45 to 90 minutes.
Installations   that   take   longer   than   90   minutes   are   what   we   classify   as   difficult   installations   that   are   not   practical   to   do   in   the   field   and   do not qualify for our mobile on site service.
A   difficult   replacement   back   glass   installation   can   take   up   to   two   highly   experienced   auto   glass   technicians   working   as   a   team   from   2   to 4   hours   to   properly   install   a   new   replacement   rear   window   back   glass   when   everything   goes   by   the   book.   A   few   good examples   would   be   the   Dodge   and   Ford   full   sized   pickups   and   another   would   be   a   Ford   Sport Trac.   All   3   of   these   pickup   trucks   require   a   significant   amount   of   time   to   replace   a   rear window   back   glass   in   as   they   must   be   meticulously   done   in   stages   working   with   the difficult   to   access   fragile   interior   seats,   trim,   head   liners   and   fastener   parts   that   must   be removed and replaced much reminiscent of a 1000 word jigsaw puzzle.
Most   vertical   set   windows   such   as   a   pickup   truck   back   glass   may   require   being   held   in   place   by   different manners   and   for   many   reasons   (paint   damage   being   the   main   one)   need   to   be   done   at   and   remain   in   our service centers controlled environment until the adhesive cures for a minimal amount of time.
There are many different types of vehicles in today’s world and each of them have their own peculiarities. Your customer service representative at Phoenix Glass will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have for your particular vehicle. Poor workmanship on a Chevy pickup back glass installation.  The vehicle had to go to an auto body shop to repair the rust and holes that were cut into the pinchweld. Poor workmanship on a Chevy pickup back glass installation.  The vehicle had to go to an auto body shop to repair the rust and holes that were cut into the pinchweld. Make sure the company has an actual address complete with an actual store front Make sure the company has an actual address complete with an actual store front You should wait at least 24 hours after your replacement rear back glass window installation before washing your car or truck in a high pressure car wash. A typical cable type power rear back glass window regulator jammed with broken tempered glass. A typicial car, truck or SUV door glass power window regulator and motor assembly Some hatch type back glass installations such as the GM vehicle pictured here have an inner skeleton that fills with broken tempered glass fragments A Ford Sport Trac pick up truck power rear window back glass has a cable type window regulator and the broken tempered glass can not be cleaned out with out compressed air. Broken tempered glass trapped in the guard beam, and outer door skin For a sensable no drama installation, a vertically set rear back window glass such as this GMC pickup needs to be  held in place until the adhesive completely cures A Ford Sport Trac has a difficult truck to properly install a back glass in. For a sensable no drama installation, a vertically set rear back window glass such as this Ford pickup needs to be  held in place until the adhesive completely cures
Does my rear window back glass help protect me during a collision like my windshield? A   urethane   bonded   back   glass   contributes   to   the   structural   integrity   of   a   vehicle   just   as   much   as   the   windshield.      Typically   it’s   the windshield   that   is   usually   referenced   when   discussing   maintaining   vehicle   strength   and   structural   integrity   but   it   also   extends   to   the back   glass   and   a   urethane   bonded   side   glass   as   well.      Stationary   glass   in   vehicles   today   add   to   the   structural   strength   and   rigidity   of   the vehicle   body.      If   the   glass   is   not   properly   bonded   to   the   vehicle,   it   can   alter   how   the   structure   reacts   in   a   collision   or   even   during   normal body   flexing   and   driving.      There’s   also   a   few   vehicles   in   today’s   world   that   have   rear   air   bags   and   the   deployment   rate   of   an   air   bag   can be altered by fractions of a second, where fractions count, resulting in slightly early or delayed deployments.
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