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OEE   aftermarket   windshields   and   other   types   of   auto   glass   like   a   Door,   vent,   quarter   and   back   glasses    are   manufactured   by ( OEE   Original   Equipment   Equivalent   manufacturers )    that   do   not   contract   with   any   of   the   worlds   automobile   or   truck   manufacturers .      In some   cases   they   may   not   have   the   legal   right   to   manufacture   the   auto   glass   to   the   exact   same   specifications   as   OEM   distributors   due   to licensing   and   copyright   laws.   An   OEE   aftermarket   windshield   is   significantly   cheaper   to   buy   than   an   OEM   windshield   produced   by   an   OEM manufacture.      OEE   windshield   and   other   types   of   auto   glass   suppliers   are   companies   that   participate   solely   in   after   market   products, where   the   tight   quality   control   requirements   of   auto   manufacturers   may   be   possibly   bypassed.      It   is   said   that   they   typically   produce   the part   by   reverse   engineering   an   OEM   part   to   get   dimensions   as   they   may   not   be   privy   to   original   equipment   specifications   for   fit,   finish and performance.
OEM   windshields   and   other   types   of   OEM   auto   glass   like   door,   vent,   quarter   and   back   glasses   are   made   to   the   same specifications   as   dealer   glass   but   not   necessarily   by   the   same   manufacturer.      For   example,   OEM   aftermarket   Ford   windshields   are   the same color, durability, thickness, size, and shape as the original windshield specs from Ford. Why?      Automobile   companies   change   auto   glass   contracts   from   year   to   year,   so   the   company   that   made   your   1972   Chevrolet   windshield may   not   be   the   same   company   that   manufactured   your   2008   Chevrolet   windshield.      A   good   example   of   this   is   on   or   around   May   of   2009 PPG   Industries   sold   out   and   changed   their   name   to   Pittsburgh   Glass   Works   LLC   who   entered   into   a   partnership   with   Daimler   AG   to   supply automotive   glass   to   the   German   vehicle   manufacturer.   Under   the   new,   multi-year   contract,   Pittsburgh   Glass   Works   will   be   the   primary windshield,   door   and   rear   windows'   supplier   for   Mercedes-Benz   cars   and   sport   utility   vehicles   all   of   which   use   to   use   Sekurit   brand   glass as original equipment. Let's   say   you   need   a   new   Honda   windshield   for   your   Honda   Civic.      Your   Honda   windshield   may   have   originally   been   produced   by   APTech, a   US   subsidiary   of   Asahi   Glass   of   Japan,   so   that's   the   brand   you'd   receive   if   you   went   to   your   local   car   or   truck   dealer.   If   you   went   to   a local   auto   glass   shop   here   in   Knoxville,   TN,   you'd   typically   receive   a   Honda   windshield   produced   by   a   reputable   OEM   distributor,   like Pilkington   or   PPG/PGW,   who   make   the   exact   same   windshield   to   the   exact   same   specifications.      Just   because   your   windshield   wasn't originally   made   by   APTech   and   it   was   made   by   OEM   manufacturers,   like   Pilkington   or   PPG/PGW,   it   wouldn’t   qualify   as   dealer   auto   glass but it's still produced by a reputable OEM manufacturer and it should be just as equal in quality. All   OEM   distributors   contract   with   one   or   more   of   the   various   car   manufacturers,   and   that's   what   qualifies   them   as   ( Original   Equipment Manufacturers) .    A   glass   from   just   about   any   OEM   manufacturer   is   a   good   choice   for   your   Honda   Civic   unless   you   absolutely   have   to   have the Honda logo on your windshield.
An   OEM   Dealer   Windshield   or   other   OEM   auto   glass   parts   like   a   door,   vent,   quarter   or   back   glass    is   a   part   that   you   can purchase   from   an   automobile   dealership   authorized   by   the   vehicle   manufacturer   to   service   your   car.      This   OEM   glass   is   sourced   from   the same   OEM   aftermarket   windshield   manufacturer   that   originally   manufactured   the   windshield   that   came   in   your   car   or   truck   when   it   was manufactured.      In   this   example   we   will   use   the   Pilkington   Brand.      An   OEM   Dealer   windshield   may   or   may   not have   the   vehicle's   make   stamped   on   it   like   the   Volvo   part   pictured   to   the   your   left.      If   you   own   a   Volvo   and absolutely   feel   you   have   to   have   the   Volvo   logo   on   your   replacement   windshield   in   most   if   not   all   cases   your going   to   have   to   go   to   your   local   auto   dealer.   The   down   side   to   choosing   this   route   is   that   due   to   the   usual extreme   price   difference   between   your   dealer   and   your   local   auto   glass   replacement   center,   your   insurance company   may   or   may   not   pay   the   entire   amount   of   the   glass   and   installation.      In   most   cases   most   insurance companies   are   only   obligated   to   pay   for   like,   kind,   and   quality   (something   they   do   to   help   you   keep   your insurance   rates   to   a   minimum)   and   they   are   only   obligated   to   pay   what's   called   a   fair   market   value   and   may ask   you   to   pay   the   difference.      Beware   though   that   a   lot   of   times   the   glass   you   get   from   the   dealer   is   no different   than   or   may   be   the   exact   same   OEM   aftermarket   windshield   that   we   sell.      Some   Automobile   manufacturers   will   not   allow   the release   of   the   exact   same   OEM   windshield   that   was   installed   at   the   factory.      Phoenix   Glass   wholesales   glass   and   does   work   for   several automotive   dealerships   in   the   Knoxville,   TN,   area   and   for   liability   as   well   as   warranty   reasons   it   is   only   in   rare   cases   that   a   dealer   will provide   their   own   glass.      Once   again   referring   to   the   photo   to   your   left   you   can   see   that   the   original   OEM   windshield   that   was   factory installed   in   this   particular   Volvo   was   a   Pilkington   Brand   windshield.   The   Pilkington   brand   windshield   you   can purchase   from   Phoenix   Glass   may   come   directly   from   Pilkington   but   may   or   may   not   have   the   Volvo   name embossed   in   it.      Sometimes   if   you   look   very   closely   at   the   windshield   logo   you   can   see   a   distorted   area where   the   Volvo   name   has   actually   been   buffed   out   of   the   glass   by   Pilkington   prior   to   being   distributed   for OEM aftermarket sales.
It can be a bit confusing as there are three different types of auto glass you can choose from.
What is the difference between OEM Dealer, OEM Aftermarket, and OEE Aftermarket Auto Glass?
At   Phoenix   Glass   we   primarily   use   what   is   known   as   an   OEM   aftermarket   windshield,   door,   vent,   quarter   and   back   glasses   and occasionally   if   an   OEM   part   is   not   available   we   will   use   an   “OEE”   aftermarket   windshield   or   tempered   part.      This   still   means   that   your   new glass is made to the same specifications that were originally installed by the factory.
What brands of glass does Phoenix Glass use?
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