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What is an OEE Aftermarket Windshield Manufacturer?
Safelite   Glass   Corperation   is   an   OEE   aftermarket   windshield   manufacture.      They   are   currently   owned   by   Belron   a   very large   company   whose   roots   began   in   South   Africa    and   have   now   spread   across   the   world.      Belron   trades   under   15 different   brands   including   Carglass®,   Autoglass®   and   now   Safelite.      Belron   acquired   the   Safelite   Group   in   2007   who   was at   that   time   one   of,   if   not   the   main   OEE   aftermarket   "original   equipment   equivalent”   windshield   manufacturers   who produce   OEE   windshields   in   their   own   manufacturing   facility   which    is   located   in   Enfield,   NC,    which   is   ISO-9002   certified to   ensure   consistently   high   quality.      According   to   Safelite   their   products   are   essentially   the   same   type   of   glass   that   is   installed   at   the time   your   vehicle   is   made   and   that   the   only   difference   between   OEM   and   OEE   is   the   windshield   manufacturer.      Safelite   claims   that   their auto   glass   parts   meet   or   exceeds   all   federal,   industry   and   safety   standards,   and   to   make   sure   they   engage   in   some   of   the   most   rigorous product testing in the industry.
Safelite Auto Glass Brand
An   OEE   windshield   manufacturer   is   a   company   that   does   not   contract   with   any   of   the   worlds   automobile   or   truck   manufacturers .      In some   cases   they   may   not   have   the   legal   right   to   manufacture   the   auto   glass   to   the   exact   same   specifications   as   OEM   distributors   due   to licensing   and   copyright   laws.   An   OEE   aftermarket   windshield   is   significantly   cheaper   to   buy   than   an   OEM   windshield   produced   by   an   OEM manufacture.      OEE   windshield   and   other   types   of   auto   glass   suppliers   are   companies   that   participate   solely   in   after   market   products, where   the   tight   quality   control   requirements   of   auto   manufacturers   may   be   possibly   bypassed.      It   is   said   that   they   typically   produce   the part   by   reverse   engineering   an   OEM   part   to   get   dimensions   as   they   may   not   be   privy   to   original   equipment   specifications   for   fit,   finish and performance.
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