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FAQ > Windshield Wiper Questions
I   need   to   have   my   windshield   replaced,   should   the   wiper blades be replaced also? A   crack   or   chip   in   a   windshield   or   back   glass   can   cause   damage   to   your wiper   blades   by   cutting   or   splitting   the   rubber   or   leaving   residual   glass particles   on   the   wiper   blade   which   can   damage   your   new   windshield   or rear   window   back   glass,   therefore,   unless   you   are   and   feel   certain   that there   is   no   damage   to   your   existing   wiper   blades,   we   highly   recommend that   you   avoid   any   risks   and   replace   them   when   replacing   the   glass   in your    vehicle    to    prevent    damage    to    your    new    glass    and    to    ensure maximum wiper coverage. How often should wiper blades be replaced? Wiper Blades should be replaced approximately every six to twelve months depending upon environmental conditions and use. How do I know when my wiper blades need to be replaced? You will see and or hear signs of wear like rounded or ragged blade edges, streaking and smearing on the windshield. Typically the chattering sound you hear is from the hardened rubber blades that won't flip over on each stroke. Why do my wipers keep making a squealing noise or leave a streak across the windshield? It’s   possible   that   your   wiper   blades   may   have   hardened   from   the   UV   light   of   the   sun   or   have   just   gotten   old   and   need   to   be   replaced.   If the   squealing,   streaks   and   missed   spots   don't   go   away   after   you   run   the   windshield   washer   fluid   for   a   few   strokes,   your   wiper   blades may need to be replaced.  It’s also possible that the spring tension of the wiper arm it’s self has weakened and needs to be replaced. What climates or conditions tend to shorten blade life? Rubber   is   the   most   important   part   of   a   wiper   blade   and   the   sun's   ultraviolet   rays,   snow,   ice,   soap   from   automatic   car   washes   and extended   periods   of   non   use   can   impact   wiper   blade   life.      The   most   common   warning   signs   to   look   for   the   signal   that   it   is   time   for replacement   include   dry,   cracked   or   split   rubber   or   damage   to   the   wiper   arm   assembly   (bent   or   broken   metal)   which   can   result   in streaking, chatter or scratching of the windshield. Is wiper blade wear determined by the mounting position? Not   as   a   general   rule.      Wear   is   determined   by   frequency   of   use   and   environmental   conditions   which   is   why   different customers   might   experience   different   levels   of   performance   and   life   expectancies.      There   are   vehicles   out   in   the market   place   like   many   models   of   BMW’s   that   actually   have   an   adjustment   that   allows   the   wiper   arm   to   be   tilted left   and   right.   In   these   cases   if   the   tilt   of   the   arms   were   to   be   improperly   adjusted   the   wiper   blades   couldn’t   flip positions   in   the   up   and   down   strokes.      In   that   situation   the   wiper   blades   won’t   only   perform   poorly   but   will   more than   likely   cause   severe   damage   to   the   glass   from   allowing   the   metal/plastic   portions   of   the   wiper   blades   to   come into constant contact with the glass. What’s the best method to use to prevent damage caused from snow and ice build up on wiper blades? When   attempting   to   remove   wipers   in   freezing   conditions,   first   see   if   the   blades   are   frozen   to   the   windshield.   Gently   pull   up   on   the   wiper to   see   if   it   is   frozen.   Using   force   can   cause   the   rubber   to   tear   resulting   in   permanent   damage.   If   the   wipers   are   covered   with   snow, gently   brush   aside   the   majority   of   the   snow   and   then   use   water   or   washer   solvent   over   the   wipers   if   possible to   melt   the   snow   or   ice.      (Never   use   Hot   Water)   or   breakage   can   occur   to   your   windshield   or   back   glass from   the   drastic   change   in   temperature.      Cold   Water   can   also   be   used   to   free   the   rubber   from   the   glass safely   without   tearing   it   or   damaging   the   wiping   edge.   The   windshield   can   also   be   allowed   to   warm   up   with the defroster on the highest setting. Can I install my own wiper blades? You   sure   can!      Simply   refer   to   the   easy   and   helpful   installation   instructions   and   diagrams   included   in   our wiper blade packages. How many different wiper blade models does Phoenix Glass offer? Currently   14   different   blade   lengths   are   available   in   the   line   up   of   all   weather   steel   frame   blades   as   well   as   10   or   so   different   blade lengths of plastic beam type of wiper blades Where can I purchase OETech Wiper Blades? OE   Tech   wiper   blades   are   distributed   exclusively   by   Pilkington   and   are   available   at   our   Phoenix   Glass   Service   Center.      We   also   carry   Trico and Bosch brand wiper blades. I've never installed a wiper blade before, is it difficult? Most   replacement   wiper   blades   come   with   step   by   step   instructions   on   each   package   and   each   blade   is   equipped   with   an   easy   connector system which makes wiper blade installation literally a snap. Are there differences in wiper blades? There   sure   is!      Wiper   blades   with   premium   features   and   performance   can   and   do   last   longer   as   well   as   wipe   more   smoothly   and consistently. My vehicle uses the newer plastic frameless blade design.  Does Phoenix Glass offer a frameless blade? We sure do!  We offer a complete line of both steel frame as well as the plastic beam type wiper blades. Do   you   offer   replacements   for   just   the   rubber   portion   of   the   blade?      If   yes,   is   it   available   for   both frameless and traditional blades? We   do   not   stock   replacements   for   the   rubber   portion   of   your   wiper   blades   but   if   that   is   what   you   want   and   they are       actually available   as   a   rule   we   can   have   them   for   you   by   the   next   following   business   day.      The   convenience   and   low   cost of      full      blade replacement   typically   outweighs   an   incremental   savings   of   replacing   only   the   rubber   insert.      Please   also   take   into account     that     the frames    themselves    both    metal    or    plastic    beam    types    loose    there    rigidity    over    time    so    we    will    always    recommend    a    complete replacement. My vehicle is equipped with two different sized wiper blades, where can I go to find out what size to buy? Feel   free   to   stop   by   our   auto   glass   service   center   and   we’ll   be   more   than   happy   to   help   you   select   the   correct   wiper   blades   for   your particular vehicle’s make, model and year. I've never thought of wiper blades as being high tech.  What are some of the technology advancements? Some of the new wiper technologies include improved rubber compounds and more secure connection methods or arm types. These improved rubber compounds allow the rubber to remain flexible, function longer, and have improved wear characteristics and resist sunlight’s UV exposure better without compromising wipe performance. Are   wiper   blade   parts   made   from   recycled   materials   and   can   any   of   the   blade   parts   on   a   wiper   blade   be   recycled after use? Yes they are!  All of the parts of a windshield wiper blade can be recycled after use.
This vehicle uses 3 windshield wiper blades This vehicle uses two different sized windshield wiper blades Rubber is the most important part of a wiper blade and the sun's ultraviolet rays, snow, ice, soap from automatic car washes and extended periods of non use can impact wiper blade life. A torn windshield wiper blade This is what a framless or beam type windshield wiper looks like All of the parts of a windshield wiper blade can be recycled after use.
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