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My vehicle has been broken into, What can I do to avoid this happening to me again? Unfortunately theft is one of the many avenues that bring Knoxville and surrounding area people to Phoenix Glass.  Here are a few tips we can offer that may help you avoid being a victim and needing a new door glass or windshield.
Buy a good alarm system for your vehicle. It   doesn't   have   to   be   a   super   system   but   be   sure   it   has   "a   blinking   system   armed   light"   located   in   a   place   where   it   will   be easily   seen.      Thieves   don't   like   to   risk   the   attention   setting   off   an   alarm   will   bring   upon   them.      In   most   situations   they will   notice   the   blinking   light   and   move   on   to   a   vehicle   that   brings   less   risk   to   them   being   caught.   An   alarm   system   that automatically   arms   itself   is   also   a   big   plus   in   that   it   allows   you   to   manually   lock   your   doors   and   exit   the   vehicle   without using   the   remote   transmitter.      The   reason   for   leaving   your   vehicle   in   that   manner   is   because   the   frequency   of   your   hand   held remote   unit   for   your   alarm   can   be   picked   up   by   someone   using   an   easily   legally   obtainable   frequency   scanner.      All   a   thief   has   to   do   is   sit in   close   proximity   to   your   vehicle   and   when   you   use   your   remote   to   transmit   a   signal   to   your   alarm   system,   the   scanner   will immediately   note   and   retain   the   frequency   it   used.      At   that   point   all   the   thief   has   to   do   is   tune   a   small,   also   easily   and   legally obtainable, transmitter to that frequency and they are good to go.
Don't ever leave valuable items in plain sight in your vehicle, such   as   a   radar   detector   or   a   GPS   unit,   not   even   the   cigarette   lighter   power   cord   that   these   items   use.      Another   tell   tail sign   thieves   are   now   using   to   tell   if   your   vehicle   has   potential   is   the   round   suction   cup   smudge   left   on   your   windshield from your GPS and Radar detectors mounts.
Never ever leave your purse or wallet in your vehicle! Unfortunately,   here   at   Phoenix   Glass,   we   see   this   one   happen   on   a   weekly   basis   and   we   are   just   one   of   many   Auto Glass   Replacement   Centers   in   the   Knoxville   area.      Thieves   actually   patiently   sit   in   shopping   centers,   restaurants,   movie theatres,   exercise   gyms,   and   it's   sad   to   say   but   even   at   Churches   and   watch   you   tuck   them   under   or   behind   your   seat.     You   have   already   shown   them   where   you   put   it   and   all   they   have   to   do   after   you   go   in   is   to   break   out   a   window   and grab   the   purse   or   wallet   and   they're   gone.      It   all   happens   in   about   30   seconds   but   the   aftermath   of   such   a   theft   can cost   you   a   fortune   and   take   days   if   not   months   to   recover   from.      It's   a   gold   mine   for   a   thief   as   they   now   have   your   ID, your   money,   your   social   security   number,   your   charge   cards,   your   bank   cards   and   possibly   your   pin   numbers   if   your   like   the   rest   of   us who   write   them   down   because   we   can't   remember   them.      They   even   have   your   address   and,   in   most   cases,   a   woman’s   purse   even contains   the   keys   to   her   home   and   all   the   other   vehicles   she   owns.      Some   of   those   keys   with   the   computer   chips   built   into   them   can   be extremely   expensive   and   you   may   have   to   foot   the   cost   of   having   new   ones   made   yourself   as   most   insurance   providers   cover   your broken   door   glass   but   do   not   cover   the   cost   of   having   new   electronic   keys   made.      The   cost   of   the   keys   are   just   the   first   part   of   replacing them.      There   is   the   cost   of   replacing   the   locks   on   the   ignition,   doors   and   trunk   and   in   most   cases   there's   a   cost   involved   for   resetting   the vehicles on board computer to accept the new key which can all add up to a very significant costs.
Here are just a few example guestimates: Normal keys and locks $200.00 to $400.00 range per vehicle on average. Normal computer chip keys and locks $300.00 to $500.00 range per vehicle on average. Mercedes   or   BMW   class   type   vehicles   the   cost   of   one   key   can   be   as   much   as   $2,800.00   and   that   price   doesn't   include changing out the locks themselves. In   many   cases   the   thieves   will   remove   the   valuables   such   as   money   and   credit   cards   from   the   purse   or   wallet   and   ditch   them   as   quickly as   possible,   usually   in   a   very   near   by   trash   can   or   dumpster,   to   get   rid   of   the   evidence   as   quickly   as   possible.      After   consulting   with   our Phoenix   Glass   customer   service   representatives   and   we   inform   them   of   that   several   of   our   customers   have   recovered   most   of   their   items so keep that in mind if it ever happens to you.  Getting back some of your things is better than loosing it all.
When your staying overnight in a Hotel, Motel or Inn. Be   sure   to   remove   all   your   car   truck   or   SUV’s   contents   from   your   vehicle.   Hotels   are   prime   sites   for   thieves   because they   know   that   you   are   tired   and   in   a   hurry   to   get   some   rest.      They   also   know   your   more   than   likely   traveling   with valuable   "easy   to   pawn"   items   such   as   a   laptop   computer,   GPS   unit   and   camera   and   although   surprising   it   isn't uncommon for people to leave a gun under their seat console or glove box.
Christmas time is prime time for thieves. When   people   do   their   seasonal   Christmas   shopping   in   multi   store   type   shopping   centers   or   malls   they   routinely   go   into   a   few   different stores   where   they   purchase   this   and   that   and   after   each   store   purchase   make   a   trip   back   to   their   vehicle   to   lock   up   their   newly purchased   gifts.      What   they   don't   realize   is   that   a   thief   is   somewhere   nearby   patiently   watching   them   come   and   go.     When   the   time   is   right   the   thief   breaks   into   their   car   full   of   gifts   and   in   about   30   seconds   or   less   are   gone   with   all your   valuables.      It's   sad   to   see   a   person   enter   our   store   on   Christmas   Eve   shortly   after   having   their   vehicle   broken into   and   having   to   layout   even   more   money   to   repair   their   broken   glass   but   it   happens   many   times   throughout   the Christmas season so do all you can not to let it happen to you.
One of the most petty acts we have seen, is   a   customer   who   didn't   have   comprehensive   coverage   on   his   vehicle   when   his   car   was   broken   into   outside   a restaurant   while   he   was   inside   having   lunch   after   church.      This   poor   fellow   had   to   pay   just   under   $300   dollars   for   a door   glass   the   thief   broke   out.      Believe   it   or   not,   all   the   thief   took   was   a   Bible   that   he   had   left   laying   on   the   back seat   which   he   would   have   been   more   than   happy   to   give   them   had   they   only   asked.      The   Bible   was   later   found   not far   from   where   it   was   taken   discarded   in   someone’s   front   yard   after   the   thief   had   finished   rifling   through   it   looking for money from the best anyone could tell.
My   vehicle   was   broken   into   and   the   thief   evidently   cut   themselves,   there   are   blood   stains   all   over   the   inside   of   my car, What should I do? In   that   situation   most   peoples   first   thought   maybe   to   think   that   the   thief   got   what   they   deserved   and   wearing   rubber gloves   and   using   a   little   pine   sol   will   take   care   of   it   but   in   today’s   environments   it   raises   serious   safety   concerns.   This is   a   fairly   large   subject   and   beyond   the   scope   of   our   web   site   so   if   you   will   click   the   the   following   link   it   will   take   you   to the I-CAR web site where they have an article that addresses such a situation.
It's this easy to break into your car, truck or SUV. Mr Easy Money stealing someone's new GPS. Mama's purse is a great prize for Mr Easy Money Mr Easy Money strikes again Traveling cars, trucks and SUV.s packed full of goodies is a grand prize for Mr Easy Money A present for Mr Easy Money lays in waiting BMW ignition Key Blood Stains in cars, trucks and SUV's are a very serious safety concern Cleaning Up Blood Cleaning Up Blood
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