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My   94   Saturn   was   involved   in   an   interior   fire   which   evidently   burned   so   hot   that   it   put   bubbles   in   my   windshield   and melted   some   of   the   exterior   mouldings   on   some   of   the   other   windows,   Can   Phoenix   Glass   replace   my   windshield   and put new mouldings on the other glasses that were damaged. We   can   definitely   replace   your   windshield   but   all   the   other   glass,   except   the   door   glasses,   in a   94   Saturn   have   modular   glass   installed   in   them.   The   mouldings   on   the   glass   are   actually injection   bonded   to   the   window   during   the   manufacturing   process   and   cannot   be   replaced without   buying   completely   new   windows.   There   is   also   another   downside   to   your   situation.     After   having   a   fire   in   or   close   to   your   car,   even   though   the   windows   may   look   unaffected, there   is   a   pretty   good   chance   that   the   body   surfaces   along   with   the   urethane   adhesive   that bonds   the   glass   to   your   vehicle   may   have   been   critically   affected   which   can   result   in   a   very serious   situation   in   the   event   of   a   collision   later   on   down   the   road.      A   car   fire   unfortunately is   a   subject   that   goes   beyond   the   scope   of   our   website.      Click   the   following   link   and   it   will take you to I CAR's website where there is a detailed article about it.
My car has a Heads up display, does it require a special windshield and if so can Phoenix Glass install it? Yes   it   does   require   a   special   type   of   windshield   to   properly   display   the   HUD   image.   Normal   windshields   will   reflect distorted   or   double   images.      These   particular   windshields   are   also   used   on   some   vehicles   equipped   with   night   vision. They   are   manufactured   with   a   wedge   shaped   polymer   layer   that   is   sandwiched   between   two   layers   of   glass.      While   we can't   say   that   they   are   a   top   seller   we   can   say   that   we   have   sold   and   installed   many   of   these   types   of   windshields   over the years.  For a more detailed description we're going to send you to the I CAR web site at the links below.
My car has a wind noise that sounds like its coming from the windshield, can you give me an idea what maybe causing it? A   wind   noise   can   be   a   very   challenging   problem   for   anyone   to   solve   because   as   a   rule   no   two   are   alike.      If   your   a   DIY person   and   want   to   make   an   attempt   at   solving   your   problem   yourself   there   are   two   simple   rules   that   must   be   followed.     Rule   #1   is   don’t   assume!      Rule   #2   is   don’t   trust   your   ears!.      Its   not   at   all   uncommon   to   hear   a   wind   noise   in   one   area   and have   it   turn   out   to   be   in   a   completely   different   place.      Diagnosing   the   problem   is   the   first   hurdle   to   over   come   and   the first   step   is   an   obvious   one,   look   all   around   the   suspected   area   at   items   like   the   top,   side   and   bottom   molding   of   the windshield   that   may   look   out   of   place   or   poorly   fitting.      If   you   don’t   find   anything   obvious   you   can   move   onto   one   or   more of the methods we use to try and find out what may be causing the noise.
From 1991 through 95 Saturn cars had modular glass installed in them. The mouldings on the glass are actually injection bonded to the window during the manufacturing process Heat Damage & Stationary Auto Glass Heat Damage & Stationary Auto Glass Heads Up Displays Heads Up Displays Night Vision Night Vision Detecting Air, Wind & Water Leaks Detecting Air, Wind & Water Leaks A distorted view of a Heads up display unit.  Vehicles with Heads up Display also called HUD, require a special windshield to properly display the HUD image.
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The   third   method    is   for   actual   water   leaks   which   is   to   use   water.      The   link   below   will   take   you   to   the   I-CAR   website   where   you   can   find even more methods and information on the subject.
The   second   method    we   use   is   placing   masking   tape   completely   around   the   windshield   in   approximately   2   foot   strips.   Then   the   vehicle is   taken   on   a   road   test   and   driven   at   the   speed   the   air   noise   is   said   to   occur.      If   the   noise   is   not   present   we   know   we   are   on   the   right track.      Next   a   section   of   the   tape   is   removed   (one   piece   at   a   time)   and   then   road   tested   again   until   the   noise   in   question   is   heard   again.     At   that   point   tape   is   once   again   applied   to   half   of   the   area   in   question   and   road   tested   again   until   we   have   found   the   exact   spot   that’s causing   the   problem.      Once   the   exact   spot   that’s   causing   the   noise   is   identified   the   problem   can   be   addressed.      If   it   does   turn   out   to   be   a molding   on   the   windshield   it’s   important   that   the   repair   performed   on   the   vehicle   is   done   with   a   non   destructive   method   or   you   could   be in   for   a   shock   when   it   comes   time   to   replace   your   windshield   and   find   yourself   in   need   of   buying   new   moldings.      There   are   several reusable   windshield   moldings   on   vehicles   in   the   market   place   today   that   can   cost   hundreds   of   dollars   to   replace.      If   your   vehicle   is   an older model, by 10 years or more, you may not be able to buy one at all.
The   first   method    we   use   you   probably   won’t   be   able   to   accomplish   unless   you   happen   to   have   one   is   done   by   using   an   electronic ultrasonic   leak   detector.      The   procedure   works   by   placing   a   small   transmitter   unit   inside   the   vehicle   in   the   region   of   the   suspected   leak.     At   that   point   the   end   of   the   wand   of   the   ultrasonic   detector,   which   contains   a   receiver   microphone,   is   passed   over   the   questionable   area on   the   outside.      When   the   wand   is   passed   over   the   area   of   the   leak   the   sound   waves   from   the   transmitter   will   make   the   detector   unit beep   at   a   much   faster   rate   similar   to   a   Geiger   counter   as   it   homes   in   on   the   hole.   This   is   a   great   way   to   find   an   actual   hole   but   it   will   not pinpoint a seeping air or water leak.
The first method is done with an electronic ultrasonic leak detector.
Whether   it’s   an   air   noise   or   a   water   leak   our   Phoenix   Glass   technicians   can   and   will   be   more   than   happy   to   answer   any   questions   you may have or if you’d like we can solve the problem for you. 
Our technicians here at Phoenix Glass use 3 different methods for finding wind and water leaks.
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