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I   was   driving   on   the   interstate   traveling   through   Knoxville   TN.   and   something   came   from   nowhere   and   broke   my windshield.   I have full coverage insurance on my vehicle, does it cover the cost of repair or replacement?
That   would   depend   on   your   insurance   coverage.      Here   in   the   State   of   Tennessee   if   you   have   a   full   coverage policy   the   comprehensive   coverage   part   of   your   insurance   package   is   what   an   incident   like   that   would   fall under.      Comprehensive   insurance,   as   a   rule,   covers   most   things   that   are   out   of   your   control   such   as   vandalism, theft,   rocks   or   other   foreign   objects   including   hail   or   other   acts   of   nature   hitting   your   vehicle,   basically   about everything   short   of   a   collision   in   which   case   your   collision   deductible   would   apply.      In   either   case   your insurance   will   pay   the   portion   above   your   deductible.      We   are   happy   to   work   directly   with   your   insurance carrier,   handle   the   paperwork,   arrange   for   reimbursement,   collect   any   deductibles   and   complete   the   work   with no need for you to worry or delay.
Back   home   in   Florida   we   don't   have   an   insurance   deductible   for   windshield   breakage,   will   I   have   to   risk   driving   my car with a broken windshield all the way home to Florida to avoid having to pay a deductible here in Tennessee?
Absolutely   Not!      We   can   repair   or   replace   your   windshield   here   in   the   Knoxville   Tennessee   area   and   also   handle   billing   your   insurance provider   just   the   same   as   if   you   were   back   home   dealing   with   a   local   windshield   repair   and   replacement   company.   There   are   some states   like   Florida   and   Virginia   where   the   state   law   requires   all   insurance   companies   selling   a   full   coverage   insurance   policy   with comprehensive   to   insure   everyone   with   a   zero   deductible   coverage   for   windshield   breakage.      Some   insurance   companies   in   those   states even   extend   the   zero   deductible   coverage   to   include   your   door   glass,   side   glass,   quarter   glass   and   rear   back   glass   window   and   some   do not,   you   would   have   to   check   with   your   insurance   provider   to   be   sure   or   if   you   would   like   us   to,   we   will   be   happy   to   help   you   make   that call.      If   you   are   just   visiting   Tennessee   or   have   recently   moved   to   the   Knoxville   area   and   have   not   changed   your   insurance,   the   zero deductible coverage may still apply for you.
I   have   a   broken   windshield   and   a   $100.00   deductible   on   the   comprehensive   portion   of   my   insurance   policy,     do I pay the deductible to my insurance company or to you?
You   would   pay   your   $100.00   deductible   to   us   and   we   would   bill   your   insurance   provider   for   the   remaining   balance   of the total cost of your claim.
Most   windshields   break   from   stones   off   the   highway   thrown   by   other   car   tires.      Because   these   stone   breaks   are   unrelated   to   your   driving skills ,   they   fall   under   the   comprehensive   insurance   part   of   your   policy.      Some   insurance   companies   refer   to   comprehensive insurance   as   an   "act   of   nature"   or   an   "act   of   God"   incident   because   they   are   not   the   driver's   fault.      Other examples   of   comprehensive   claims   are   as   simple   as   an   acorn   nut   falling   from   a   tree   or   the   dreaded vandalism   from   a   thief   breaking   your   door   glass   to   gain   access   into   your   car.      A   very   small   portion   of your   insurance   bill   is   for   comprehensive   loss   risk.   The   vast   majority   of   insurance   companies   will   tell   you that   is   what   you   purchased   comprehensive   coverage   for   and   your   rates   won't   go   up   for   putting   in   a comprehensive claim for something that was beyond the scope of your control.
If I put in a claim for my broken windshield, will my insurance rates go up?
How do I file a claim?
Each   insurance   company   is   different.      If   you   feel   you   may   need   to   file   a   claim   the   easiest   way   to   start   is   to   call   one   of   our   Customer Service   Representatives   here   at   Phoenix   Glass   and   let   them   know   about   your   glass   breakage.      We   will   provide   free   claim   consultation and   advise   you   on   the   easiest   way   to   file   a   claim   with   your   particular   insurance   agency   as   well   as   how   to   minimize   your   total   cost.      One of   the   great   things   about   our   low   prices   is   that   in   many   instances   your   deductible   may   be   more   than   the   price   of   the   replacement windshield,   door   glass,   quarter   glass,   vent   glass   or   rear   back   glass   window   from   us.      That   will   not   only   save   you   hard   earned   monies   but your   insurance   provider   as   well.   Below   you’ll   find   an   in   general   listing   of   the   most   popular   insurance   companies   we   work   with   and   invoice directly.
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Comprehensive insurance, as a rule, covers most things that are out of your control. You would pay your one hundred dollar comprehensive insurance deductable to us and we will bill your insurance company for the remaining balance. Your rates won't go up for putting in a comprehensive claim for something that was beyond the scope of your control. An acorn nut falling from a tree and breaking your windshield is an act of nature not your driving ability. Farm Bureau Insurance Liberty Mutual Insurance Nationwide Insurance Travlers Insurance USAA Insurance 21st Century Insurance Auto Owners Insurance Allstate Insurance Direct Auto Insurance Erie Insurance Farmers Insurance Group GEICO Insurance GMAC Insurance The Hartford Insurance The General Insurance Metlife Insurance Progressive Insurance Safeauto Insurance Safeco Insurance Shelter Insurance Guardian Glass Network AAA Insurance Safelite Solutions
Auto glass claims management services providers we work with and invoice directly. These companies are also known as TPA’s or Third Party Administrators
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