Evolution in Heavy Equipment has come along way! Heavy   equipment   just   like   its   counter   parts   in   the   automotive industry   have   been   undergoing   a   process   of   evolution.      Several years   ago   the   glass   in   heavy   equipment   pretty   much   only   served as   a   shield   protecting   the   machine   operator   from   weather   and flying   debris   such   as   wood,   stones,   and   even   snakes!,   yes   we said   Snakes!,   making   it   an   all   around   very   important   safety device.      Some   of   the   newer   machines   of   the   last   decade   or   so have   been   adapted   to   using   the   glass   as   part   of   an   integrated structural   support   system   of   the   cab   just   as   the   automotive   and truck   manufacturers   have   been   doing   since   1974.      The   machines that   are   built   using   this   type   of   technology   demand   that   the technician   installing   the   glass   use   the   same   high   tech   adhesives and    methods    of    glass    and    pinchweld    preparation    that    are required by automotive industry manufactures.
The down side to all of all this new technology For   now   these   glass   parts   (meaning   curved   wind   shields   and tempered   glass)   for   this   type   of   equipment   are   only   available from   Heavy   Equipment   Dealers.      Hopefully   in   the   near   future   the major   auto   glass   OEM   suppliers   will   come   on   board   and   these types   of   parts   will   become   more   readily   available   to   us   and   we'll be   able   to   cut   our   job   turn   around   time   down.      Until   then Phoenix   Glass   will   be   more   then   happy   to   install   your   dealer parts for you.
Heavy Equipment Replacement Glass
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Phoenix Glass can help you get your heavy equipment machines back in service. Phoenix Glass can help you get your heavy equipment machines back in service. Phoenix Glass can help you get your heavy equipment machines back in service.
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At   Phoenix   Glass   we   also   spe cialize   in   the   cutting,   fabrication   and   installation   of   heavy   equipment   glass   as   well   as   acrylics.      We   have   a large   inventory   of   heavy   equipment   flat   glass   along   with   the   proper   adhesives   and   rubber   moldings   necessary   to   allow   us   to   help   you   get your   equipment   back   in   action   with   minimal   downtime.      With   everything   else   happening   on   today’s   busy   job   sites,   the   last   thing   you should   be   worrying   about   is   your   machine   operator   not   being   safe   or   able   to   see   because   of   a   crack   obstructing   the   view.      Phoenix   Glass can   also   supply   you   with   OSHA   approved   acrylic   safety   glass   type   windows   that   will   help   prevent   future   breaks   and   save   your   company   a significant amount of money over the long haul as well as keep your employees even safer while they work.